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First Name :   Mandy
URL :   
Comment :   No need for me to comment you boys already know I think you sound pretty Sweet!
First Name :   Robin
URL :   
Comment :   You guys know how I feel about the band, you kick ass.
First Name :   Leslie
Comment :   hey i finally got time to take a look i love it!!! great jam doll!!! MWUAHZZZZZZZ
First Name :   raw
Comment :   Hey!! You guys tore it up last night!!! I love your shit!! Hey Rob,, thanks for letting me use your cordless, That was cool!! Hey Tom, Thanks for pouring my beer all night! Hey dave, your a nut! Hey Lance, What money man? hehehe peace out
First Name :   Dennis
URL :   
Comment :   You guys are the shit!I want a C D keep the gig news updated. Or a tape wood be nice. Wook your a dork, Robbie the ninja, Lance the big nig, Mark I'll take two larges
First Name :   Tom
URL :   This one...
Comment :   Raw - thanks for having us. When you get to the Palace, invite us to play that gig, too!! You guys rock. Dennis - thanks for stopping by, bro. I'm workin on that tape.
First Name :   DEVIL
URL :   I'm gonna get you!
Comment :   Thanx to SOULDRIVEN for the party/gig. Hope everyone enjoyed the show! If you missed need to look at the web site more then...don't ya. If ya want to see us live then check the site or e-mail us and tell us that you want to go to our next
First Name :   DEVIL
URL :   continued
Comment :   ...gig e-mail us and tell us you need to see us! P.S. If you have not seen SOULDRIVEN then thats just you need to do...RIGHT NOW!
First Name :   Amanda
Comment :   Hey Rockstars!! 've missed your happy little faces!! I'm glad to see that things are going well for you kids. Tom I want a tape still.E-mail me!
First Name :   Jeff
URL :   Reinert
Comment :   this band kicks ass and philly rocks detriot go flyers red wings suck. good luck to dave and the rest of the band
First Name :   Tom (guitar player)
URL :   
Comment :   I've never been to Philly - it may indeed rock. But the Red Wings do NOT suck. Oh, and it's DetrOIt.
First Name :   Amanda & Robin
URL :   
First Name :   TOOL'S ANGEL
Comment :   Devil, Here's an (e.g.) for you and the rest of the band. I'll try to stay as far away as I can from you cause hell knows we'd tear sh*t up - that's all this world needs is 2 bass players w/ attitudes.Stay evil love(e.g.). Angel- from Cradle Maggot
First Name :   byron
URL :   
Comment :   cool man! good talkin to ya again hope to see ya soon
First Name :   tammy deplanche
URL :   
Comment :   rock on tom ... the planet is definetely yours and mine too
Name :   Kat
Comment :   Tom, Hiya sexy, its me Juggalo Girl. I know I just talked to ya tonight(congrats on the new woman by the way, she's pretty) I have known you a long time and I still want a demo when ya'll cut them. We love ya'll in Tx.
Name :   Tom (cookiemonsterx)
Comment :   Thanks, Kat. It makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that the entire state of Texas loves our band! You have done an excellent job promoting us. I'll be sure to mention you in the credits on the album!!!! Maybe get you in the video - how'd that be? ;) Luv
Name :   LANCE
Comment :   What Up This is the big nug speakin thanx for all the support. sorry it took my azz so long to sign a mug. keep an ear open we're blowin up 2002! MUCH LUV, NUG X
Name :   jessi moyer
Comment :   You guys fucking rock I love all of you come see my new baby before shes old enough to kick your asses Hi Tom call me