William H. Watts

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Bachelor of Science Degree, Electrical Engineering Technology, Magna Cum Laude, Lake Superior State University(TAC/ABET), 4.0 GPA in Major, 3.81 Cumulative (4.0 Scale), May, 1992. Studied A/D & D/A Conversion Techniques, Electronic Design, Circuit Analysis,PSPICE, Digital Logic,Programmable Logic Control (PLC), Position/Speed Control,and Data Acquisition

Associate Degree, Computer Engineering Technology, Magna Cum Laude, L.S.S.U.,4.0 GPA in Major, May, 1992 . Studied Turbo C Programming,MC6800 & 68HC11 Microprocessors, BASIC Programming, Digital Design, Lotus 1-2-3, MathCAD, Assembly Programming, and Microprocessor Interfacing.

Advanced Electronics Program, U.S Navy (1978 - 84). Included instruction in Electricity & Electronics, Micro Soldering Techniques, Synchro/Servos, Radar,Solid State Theory,Leadership & Management, Damage Control, Security,General Dynamics CIWS, Weapons Handling (Missiles/Guns), and Fire Control Technician Electronics Phase 1 & 2 for shipboard weapons.


Product Design Engineer, Ford Motor Company, Sept. 1997 - Present.... ...... Design test systems for automobile electronic components and control modules. Write product assurance specifications. Perform Transmission OBDII calibration.

Equipment Design Eng., Delco Electronics, Sept. 1995 - Sept. 1997 - Designed computer controlled tests systems for automobile engine and transmission control modules. - Worked with product engineering, manufacturing, and customer liaison to determine product capabilities & test goals.

Electrical Engineer, RS Technologies, Nov. 93 - Sept. 95. - Designed and built test boxes/equipment for PC based data acquisition system. - Wrote database applications in FoxPro for manufacturing and quality departments. - Performed customer training on computer controlled torque/tension test equipment. - Debugged application software written by RS Technologies suppliers. - Performed on-site installations and troubleshooting/repair of turn-key systems.

Quality Assurance Elect. Eng., Unisys Corp., May, 92 - Nov. 93. - Responsible for quality level of all incoming cables, harnesses,power supplies, and electrical components to Unisys Document Processing and Imaging Systems Division. - Assisted Receiving Inspection, Engineering, Manufacturing, & Purchasing on quality problems with suppliers. - Performed on- site Supplier Surveys to review their procedures and processes. - Resolved drawing ambiguities by identifying function and compatibility of critical components. - Responded to Vendor Assistance Requests (VAR's) to clarify specifications and replace obsolete components. - Wrote database applications in Paradox for Supplier Quality Department.

Asst. Quality Manager, Kinross Mfg.Corp., Feb, 1986 -Apr, 1988. - Designed and implemented a statistical process control (SPC) program for the 40MM contract. - Prepared designs and cost quotes for test equipment and gages. - Repaired and maintained Quality Control test equipment. - Reviewed incoming government solicitations and specifications for contractual quality requirements. - Prepared inspection planning sheets, record sheets, and test procedures for potential contracts.

Fire Control Technician (Weapons), U.S. Navy, Jan, 1978 - 1984. - Attained rank of E-5 in six years by working in the USN Advanced Electronics Program. - Performed all levels of operation, Maintenance,Troubleshooting, and Repair on the General Dynamics Close In Weapons System. - Worked on Closed Loop Spotting Pulsed Doppler Radar, Environmental Control Subsystems, Synchros/Servos, Motors, Gyros, Resolvers, Geartrains, Hydraulics, Power Supplies, 20MM 3000 RND/Min Anti-Missile Gun. - Member of Guard Force, Landing Force, Shore Patrol, Nuclear Security Team, and the Security Alert Team . - Held SECRET security clearance.


Assembly, FoxPro, Paradox, WordPerfect, Windows, MathCad, C++, PSpice, Lotus123, Norton Utils, PC Tools, Norton Textra, Basic, FastPlot, FormTool, HP Basic, MS Word, Lotus Notes, Netscape Web Page Design


Statistical Process Control (SPC) Cert.(1987) Measurement/Quality Control Cert.(1986), ISO-9000 Internal Auditor Cert.(1992), Quality Assurance Inspector OJT Cert.(1986), Alpha Chi National College Honor Society (1991), Alpha Lambda Distinguished Scholarship Award (1989), L.S.S.U. Board of Control Scholarship (1990, '91, '92), Soo Co-Op Honorary Scholarship(1990), Outstanding Electrical Eng. Graduate(1992), Object Oriented Analysis/ Design Cert. (1993)


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